Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind


Welcome to photographic Projects. Since there is another page called "Excursions", you may wonder what the difference is? Projects are longer term, more open ended, and encompass a wider breadth of imagery. Excursions, on the other hand, are photographic "trips" often tightly focused on some theme or topic and sometimes photographed over a short period of time.

To see the photographic Projects just click on the project name (link) on the left below and enjoy!

Around The Island

Around The Island is a four season photographic tour of North Haven Island, ME.

Buoys Traps & Warp

Buoys Traps & Warp are the tools of lobster fishermen, and they are oh so colorful.

The Steel

The Steel is a photographic essay of the remnants of the once great Bethlehem Steel's flagship steel mill in Bethlehem PA.

Lines of Light

Lines of Light is a visual excursion through abstract light shapes, textures and subtle gradations of color. There are shapes within shapes and colors within colors. Lines of light consists of three different light journeys--Snow Light, Blind Light, and, Translected Light.

The BoatYard

The Boat Yard is J. O. Brown & Sons on North Haven Island, Maine, about 12 miles off the coast in Penobscot Bay. This photographic study of The Boat Yard reveals it to be part working yard, part time capsule and museum, and a vital component of the North Haven Island infrastructure.